yonderland ♔ episode five → closing the portal 

Oh Debbie, you came into our world and made our lives complete. Oh Debbie, you made us feel so snug, just like a fitted sheet.
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Royai Moments [part 41/∞]

"One other thing. Try not to slack off too much.”

Bastille ΔOfficial Videos

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i’m with you to the end of the line - bucky barnes.

+ this is for royymustang because taylor is an amazing person & my experience in this fandom would never have been this good without her. ♥

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Gavin Free attempts to tell a riddle during the Goat Simulator Let’s Play.

top three Lee Pace characters | #1: Ned the Pie Maker (Pushing Daisies)



AU where everything is the same except that everyone in Amestris has an iPhone

Edward using his unlimited texts to annoy everyone (especially Roy) and using text speak and smilies because he thinks it’s cool

Roy getting really annoyed at Ed and Hughes’ constant texts and losing his shit whenever the phone stops working. Hawkeye has had to replace his screen many, many times

Meanwhile Hughes sends countless selfies and photos of Elicia to all his contacts and Winry repeatedly sends texts to Ed to check that he’s ok even though she knows he won’t ever reply bc he NEVER replies to her

p.s. first time drawing armor!alphonse holla

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Seven deadly sins / Seven heavenly virtues